TAB Committee on Standards Seed Funding Opportunities

The TAB Committee on Standards (TCoS) provides seed funding for projects initiating innovative standards efforts. TCoS is looking for proposals from IEEE Societies and Councils (S/Cs) to:

  • Promote activities leading to a new standard development such as submission of a PAR to IEEE SA
  • Publicize the importance of standards development through meetings, workshops or conferences
  • Cultivate the interest in contributing to standards through various means such as participation recognition with certificates
  • Prioritize on new applications for sustainability and cost effectives 

For this call for proposal, the proposed projects shall begin no earlier than 1 July 2024 and end no later than 30 June 2025.Topics of interests include but are not limited to the following:

  • Climate change such as clean energy
  • Smart sensors
  • Smart health
  • Intelligent transportation
  • Technology management
  • Data analytics guidelines
  • Open source
  • Other areas promoted by technical committees of societies/councils/OUs

These awards are for up to USD$10,000. In addition, in alignment with the priorities of SA and the IEEE, up to USD$20,000 may be offered for new proposals that impact sustainability for either our material universe, for instance, energy or climate change, or sustainability in our information universe, for instance, in internet safety, security, or usefulness.

Note that the Funding Request form has been revised to an online Smartsheet form. Please use the link on this page to submit your proposal.  TCoS will assign a proposal number after the form is submitted.

The current call for proposals is open until 11:59 pm in your time zone, 7 April, 2024. 

In preparing the proposal for submission, please pay careful attention to the reference guide (PDF, 140KB) and the FAQs for Funding Requests (PDF, 178KB) file on this page. 

Progress report is required. Therefore, reimbursement of expenses will not be granted if the project has failed to provide progress reports on the required scheduleSee Q7 of the FAQ for a description of the content of progress reports.

For any additional questions please contact Patrick McCarren at