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Strategic Planning

IEEE TA Vision & Mission Statements


ta strategic plan

 One Page downloadable overview of TA Vision, Mission, and Goals

Technical Activities Vision

Technical communities working together to be the preferred home for all professionals, worldwide


Technical Activities Mission

Inspire and engage worldwide technical communities to:

  • foster dynamic interdisciplinary collaboration
  • motivate participation and leadership
  • nurture and promote leading edge innovative ideas
  • empower professionals with relevant knowledge and life-long development
  • provide value


Technical Activities Goals


  • Grow and keep our current publications, conferences, standards, and technology communities at the forefront of quality and usefulness for engineers worldwide while expanding the value proposition for our product lines
  • Revise, modify and create new relevant content in publications and conferences to satisfy all member needs, especially the industry and government engineering community 
  • Create a transparent financial and governance organization that allocates financial accounting (gross revenues, direct and fair allocated indirect expenses) to the IP generation unit and assigns direct/clear organization governance (authority, responsibility and accountability) to S/Cs


Exchanging Resources within Technical Activities:  Review and List Your Projects  

The Projects and Ideas Exchange is intended to increase visibility and transparency of TAB-wide projects, while helping identify opportunities to improve efficiency and project effectiveness across Technical Activities. It is intended to be a living communication resource, not a project management tool. Please list and review yours and other projects on an ongoing basis.

TAB Strategic Planning Committee (SPC)

2021 Chair:  Kazuhiro Kosuge

TAB Strategic Planning Committee Roster

TAB Strategic Planning Ad Hoc Committees


Other Strategic Resources for TAB and Societies 

How to do Strategic Planning


IEEE & Society/Council Strategic Plans


IEEE Technical Activities Strategic Documents Archive


Access to certain content of this website is limited based on IEEE membership, volunteer roles, and staff roles. Sign in with your IEEE Account to view additional content. Please contact the Technical Activities web team if you require assistance.

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