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Finance & operational policies, procedures and activities are a core component of the management of IEEE Technical Activities (TA). These core operations include Society and conference budgets; Society operations; contract administration, tracking of TA projects and initiatives; Society membership development; and conferences and periodicals development.

In this section, you will find operational policies, procedures and activities on:

  • Governing Documents

    Operations Manuals, Constitutions and Bylaws, and Policies

  • Finance

    Budget Components, Budget Process, Financial Oversight, Society/Council/Co-Publicatons Financial Statements

  • Periodicals

    Periodicals Proposals and Processes, Scope Changes

  • Conferences

    Running a conference, Conference Data

  • Society and Council Operations
    The TAB Society and Council Review Committee (SCRC) and the TAB Periodicals Review and Advisory Committee (PRAC) provide oversight to TAB entities by conducting regular reviews of IEEE's societies and councils, as well as the periodicals sponsored by these bodies.
  • Membership Development

    Information, data and reports related to membership development, as well as membership development resources such as communication templates, posters, contacts, and more.

  • Learn about the Third-party Content Hosting Agreement process and IEEE products and services including IEEE DataPort, IEEE Resource Centers, and IEEE Collabratec. 

  • Standards 

    TA partners with IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) to develop standards. This page provides a variety of resources, from describing what standards are and how they can benefit you to guides for navigating through the standards development process. Information is available for Societies that are already developing standards and for anyone just starting to consider it.

  • Projects & Ideas Exchange

    The Projects & Ideas Exchange is intended to increase visibility and transparency of TAB-wide projects, while helping identify opportunities to improve efficiency and project effectiveness across Technical Activities. The tool is intended to be a communication tool, not a project management tool.

  • Effective Society and Council Practices

    During the review process, SCRC and PRAC highlight the successes of the societies, councils and their periodicals. The practices identified by SCRC and PRAC are shared here to benefit all IEEE societies and councils, and to provide potential models for their own successes.

Access to certain content of this website is limited based on IEEE membership, volunteer roles, and staff roles. Sign in with your IEEE Account to view additional content. Please contact the Technical Activities web team if you require assistance.