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TAB CoS Call for Proposals - Round 10

Society/Council Standards Volunteers:

This is the third call of 2022 to provide seed funding for projects initiating innovative standards efforts. As before, we are looking for proposals from Societies and Councils (S/Cs) that currently have little or no standards activities. However, we will consider proposals from other S/Cs that describe innovative approaches. (See Q1 of the FAQ in the attachment for more explanation.)

Because of uncertainty as the current pandemic lingers, IEEE policy on travel can be expected to evolve. All work done with this funding must adhere to then-current IEEE travel guidance. Accordingly, any proposal that includes travel must also include contingency measures in the event that travel is prohibited.

Note that the Funding Request form has been revised. Please ensure that you are using the current form (Version 10) for your proposal.

To submit a proposal, please complete the attached Funding Request Form and send to Patrick McCarren ( ) and Paul Nikolich ( ) by 11:59 pm in your time zone, Oct 24, 2022.

In preparing the proposal for submission, please pay careful attention to the guidance embedded in the Form and to the FAQ appended to the Form. Particular attention is needed in Section 1 (SMART Objectives), Section 13 (Funding), and Section 14 (Integrated Schedule) because these sections will be used for progress reporting if your project is approved.

In the past, we have been disappointed by scant progress reporting. The lack of these reports makes it difficult to demonstrate the merit of the program and endangers its continuation. Therefore, we will henceforth follow this new policy: Reimbursement of expenses will not be granted if the project has failed to provide progress reports on the required schedule. See Q13 for a description of the content of progress reports.

Thank you in advance.

Paul Nikolich

Chair, TAB CoS


Download Funding Request Form (DOCX, 39KB)

IEEE Standards for Responding to Global COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

IEEE is providing no-cost public access to important IEEE standards, as the world responds to the global COVID-19 public health emergency.

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Survey Results

The TAB Committee on Standards (CoS) conducted a survey of TAB volunteers and members. The following is an Executive Summary of the survey results. If you are an IEEE member and would like to see the complete survey results, please send a request to Patrick McCarren ( with your IEEE member number.

CoS would like to thank Michael Wehrman and Josephine Russo of the IEEE Strategic Research Team for their work in preparing, distributing and analyzing the survey.

Upcoming Events

How Technical Standards Shape My Career

In this webinar, we will have a live discussion with Dr. Nada Golmie, IEEE and NIST Fellow, on her professional career development through her active contribution to standards, her view on work-family balance, and her messages to Young Professionals and Women in Engineering for their career development in engineering & standards.

9:00am ET, April 8, 2022

Register for the How Technical Standards Shape My Career webinar


Past Events

IEEE Tech Talk: Importance of Standards - Part Two

November 30, 2021
Moderator: Paul Nikolich
Speaker: Hermann Koch
Recording: View Recording


IEEE AFRICON 2021: Workshop - IEEE Standards for the Future of Africa

September 13, 2021

Description: With an active portfolio of nearly 1,300 standards and projects under development, IEEE is a leading developer of industry standards in a broad range of technologies that drive the functionality, capabilities, and interoperability of products and services, transforming how people live, work, and communicate.

In this workshop we will cover IEEE Standards association  main standardization areas, such as  Communications, Networks, Electronics, Power and Energy, Mobile Computing, Cloud Computing, Industrial Applications,  Artificial Intelligence, Safety, and Compliance Assessment.

View Workshop Recording


Tech Talks

Part 1: The Importance of Standards
May 27, Thursday, 9:00am ET
Moderator: Paul Nikolich, Speaker: Hermann Koch
Recording: View Recording
Abstract: This webinar will explore the important role technical standards play to bring innovation to market, to escort technical development of products and solutions, to set requirements for the manufacturing process, and to harmonized solutions of innovation at the market. Examples of how IEEE standards are applied for long time business success will also be discussed.

Part 2: Academic Research in International Standardization
June 14, Monday, 9:00am ET
Moderator: Edward Au, Speaker: Hermann Koch, Guest speaker: Prof Sakis Meliopoulos
Recording: View Recording
Abstract: In many international standards, theoretical knowledge is needed to define requirements and give test procedures to prove that the requirements are fulfilled. Academia at universities, institutes, or test laboratories are contributing their research work to support standards development. This webinar provides an overview of the important role academic research plays in the standards, as well as examples from two IEEE Societies on how academia contributes to standardization for benefits on both sides.


Resources generated by the TAB Committee on Standards (CoS)

The TAB CoS has put together the following spreadsheet as a resource (XLS, 468KB) for our volunteers and members to understand standards and the standards process. Please review the "Abstract" tab first and then explore the tab that is relevant to the information you are looking for. Any feedback should be sent to

The TAB CoS has also delivered a keynote "How Technical Standards Add Value: from Theory to Practice" in IEEE ICASSP 2020 for volunteers and members of Signal Processing Society to understand the value proposition and benefits of standards, and how the members of the IEEE Signal Processing Society would participate into the standards development activities in IEEE. Targeted benefits of this involvement mainly include:

  • to better connect signal processing society with industry community through development of new standards,
  • to better bring new signal processing technology to practice and market implementation,
  • to better highlight emerging signal processing applications and contribute innovative technologies by leveraging new standards.

How Technical Standards Add Value: from Theory to Practice (PDF, 3.75MB)

Any feedback should be sent to

IEEE SA Training + Development

IEEE SA Training + Development is launching a new course, Working Group Chair Fundamentals, to empower working group participants, foster individual effectiveness, and increase the efficacy of the standards development process.


Working Group Chair Fundamentals, comprises 12 modules on critical aspects of standards development, procedures, and the roles and responsibilities of the Working Group Chair. As someone with a proven commitment to the IEEE SA standards development process, we wanted to inform you that this course is available on the IEEE Learning Network.

IEEE Standards University

For anyone who would like to know more on standards development education, you can check out the extensive standards video library of IEEE Standards University at IEEE Standards University has been created to:

IEEE Standards University video library

  • promote the importance of standards in meeting technical, economic, environmental, and societal challenges;
  • disseminate learning materials on the application of standards in the design and development aspects of educational programs;
  • actively promote the integration of standards into academic programs;
  • provide short courses about standards needed in the design and development phases of professional practice.

Visit the IEEE Standards University to learn more.

IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA)

IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) is a leading global Standards Developing Organization (SDO) within the IEEE. 

If any of the technical work that you are doing may lead to standardization, IEEE-SA can help connect you with others doing similar work, and help you through the different stages of the standards development process.

Resources to learn more about standards and IEEE SA: 

Resources for those already involved in standards work at IEEE:

  • IEEE SA Standards Board Approvals Page – After each IEEE Standards Association Standards Board (SASB) meeting series, newly approved initiated projects and newly approved standards are posted on this page. Click through the links on the left side of the page for any of the meeting dates. New projects are shown on this page as Project Authorization Requests, or PARs.
  • List of all IEEE SA Standards Committees – Most of our Standards Committees are from societies within Technical Activities. Here you can see the scope of the Standards Committees to learn if there are any with related work. You can also review the official Policies and Procedures (P&Ps) of your Standards Committees to see if the policies and procedures on your website are aligned with them.
  • List of IEEE SA Staff Liaisons to Societies – The Operational Program Management team works closely with the technical committees and Working Groups throughout the standards development process. This list shows which Program Manager (staff liaison) is assigned to each society.
  • List of Society Liaisons to SASB – Many of these liaisons are the Standards Committee Chair or the Standards Representative.
  • List of the Committees of the SASB – Click through the links for each committee to learn about its role. Committee administrators are also listed on these pages and can be a helpful resource.
  • Working Group Chair Quick Reference Guide – An informational toolkit to help provide guidance on the IEEE SA standards development process.

If you would like to ask specific questions about standards within IEEE, please email us at