Bulletin 10: Consent Capture and Recording in the IEEE Consent Management System

IEEE Technical Activities Bulletin #10

Topic: Consent Capture and Recording in the IEEE Consent Management System

Bulletin Type: Action

Audience: IEEE Volunteers and IEEE Staff

Version 1 – February 2022



Modern data privacy regulations are requiring that businesses use clear consent for communication from a business prior to engaging their customers. IEEE is supporting this approach and has implemented a permissions-based marketing approach. This is outlined in the IEEE Technical Activities Bulletin #3: Consent Permissions Marketing as well as the IEEE Marketing Outreach Guidelines. In this approach, IEEE must obtain explicit, freely given consent for further communication. Part of this is done through agreement to the IEEE Privacy Policy which grants IEEE very general permission.  

To truly gain consent, it is recommended that IEEE entities collect a “subscription” to an IEEE Community (IEEE Society/Technical Council/Technical Community). By subscription we mean a specific request to receive information from that community. This works in conjunction with the IEEE Privacy Policy to allow us to communicate on a wide variety of topics related to the community including upcoming events, publications, education and training and other activities. 

Capturing Consent or Subscription and Posting in Real Time

IEEE has implemented a cookie policy that asks visitors to our websites to accept the IEEE Privacy Policy. In addition, a tool has been developed that enables the capture of consent or broad-based marketing subscription for the society/council/technical community which directly updates the IEEE Consent Management System. 

Consent to the IEEE Privacy Policy and an individual's subscriptions to various IEEE Society/Technical Council/Technical Community communications are reflected in the individual’s profile in the IEEE Privacy Portal.  

This tool can be used on websites as well as for email campaigns that are not driven by internal marketing campaigns (e.g., ConstantContact, Higher Logic, MailChimp). If you use BDRS for your marketing campaigns, please contact the BDRS team directly and they can assist you in setting up the consent-capture for your community.

The set of instructions to embed the tool in a website or campaign and can be found here: IEEE Privacy Policy Consent Collection 

Bulk Loading of Consent (non-Real Time Posting)

It is also possible to capture consent for an activity and then load a block of consent to the Consent Management System after the fact. This can be done through a process called “Bulk Loading” of consent. To do this a specific file must be created and submitted for processing.  IEEE Staff may submit their list to the BDRS team who will assist in formatting the information and submitting it to the Consent System for uploading. The steps for this can be found here. Volunteers may contact the IEEE Contact Center for assistance in submitting consent lists.  

Subscription Definitions

When capturing a specific marketing subscription, it must map to a pre-established field that has already been set up in the Consent Management System. These have been developed for each Society/Technical Council/Technical Community and a complete list can be found here. These will be embedded into the setup steps described in the IEEE Privacy Policy Consent Collection instructions.

How can I learn more?

The latest information on GDPR and other data privacy regulations can be found on the Technical Activities Data Privacy Resource Page or the IEEE Data Privacy page.

Please share this information with additional volunteers, contractors, temporary employees, interns, and consultants as needed. 

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact TA Answer Central.


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