TA Ops Site Content Policies

Mission Statement: 

The IEEE Technical Activities Operations (TA Ops) website helps Technical Activities volunteers and other IEEE audiences in their IEEE role by providing access to information on TA  operations, strategic planning, meetings, metrics and data, contacts, and volunteer development. The site is part of a collection of volunteer-oriented websites referred to as the “volunteer extranet.”


Web Page and File Content Policies

  1. Content should fall within TA Op’s mission statement, keeping in mind the website's audience and content topics. 
  2. At least one IEEE staff member must be identified as the subject matter expert (SME) for any content added to TA Ops. The SME must review the content at least once a year and notify the TA Ops web team for any needed updates. 
  3. Content on TA Ops will be retained for twenty-four months, unless otherwise specified by the SME. After twenty-four months, any files removed from TA Ops will be archived for one year.  
  4. Images and branding must abide by the IEEE Brand Identity Guidelines. Do not use content and/or images from another site (including IEEE digital sites) without permission. For example, do not use Google images found through search without permission of the owner. Provide the source, as a caption, of all content that is not original once permission for publishing has been obtained.
  5. Content should be reviewed against the IEEE Guide to Classification of Documents to determine how it should be labeled and proper access policies. 
  6. Exceptions to these policies may be made for content that is relevant to the topical interests of a majority of the TA audience - member, volunteer, staff, and public, or deemed critical to distribute by directives from the TA Managing Director, IEEE Executive Director, VP-TA, or IEEE President. 
  7. For guidance regarding posting Virtual Event information, visit the Virtual Event Recording Content Policy and Submission Guidelines page. 


Web Page and File Access Policies

  1. The default policy for TA Ops content allows access for all IEEE staff and all IEEE volunteers found in the IEEE roster. Pages on TA Ops can be set up with various access policies ranging from public to limited by IEEE role type. SMEs should work with the TA Ops web team to identify the appropriate access policy for their content.


Content Submission Guidelines / Process

  1. Content Submission Guidelines for TA Ops Webpage and File Content
  2. Content Submission Guidelines for Virtual Event Recording Content