Bulletin 8: Data Privacy and Social Media

IEEE Technical Activities Bulletin #8

Topic: Data Privacy and Social Media

Bulletin Type: Action

Audience: IEEE Volunteers and IEEE Staff

Version 2 - July 2021


How does IEEE social media use comply with GDPR and other data privacy regulations?

IEEE social media compliance is driven through the respective social media platforms, e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. These platforms have their own privacy policies and/or notices built into them. When content is placed onto any social media platform and engagement occurs on that platform, with either likes, content sharing, comments, etc., these engagements are governed by the privacy policy and practices of the social media provider. You can learn more about each social media platform’s policy on their information pages.

Can discussions on social media be used elsewhere?

All discussions on social media must remain on the respective social media platforms to be considered compliant. For example, harvesting data from social media, also known as extracting data from websites, could be a violation. However, providing a link from a post to someone within social media is not a violation as this is considered “engagement”. In addition, removing content from social media would need to be reviewed by IEEE corporation communications to confirm legitimacy.

What data from social media can be used and how?

Aggregated and anonymized information can be used as long as information, derived from analytics on the site, does not directly identify a particular person’s personal data including, but not limited to, their IP address.

Downloading or harvesting names, contact information, or any other data that identifies a particular person so that it may be used elsewhere is strictly prohibited. Engagement through social media does not convey affirmation of communications outside of the platform (e.g. as a personal or mass outreach campaign). Specific permission prior to sending such a communication may be necessary.

How can you use social media to run a contest?

If you are running a contest, you must use the IEEE Official Contest Rules template. When conducting a contest you must include two boxes that may not be pre-checked: one for the contest rules and a second for the IEEE Privacy Policy.

What is the IEEE social media policy?

Learn more about IEEE’s social media policy.

How can I learn more?

The latest information on GDPR and other data privacy regulations can be found on the Technical Activities Data Privacy Resource Page or the IEEE Data Privacy page.

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