Bulletin 11: Mailing List Consent Validation

IEEE Technical Activities Bulletin #11

Topic: Mailing List Consent Validation

Bulletin Type: Action

Audience: Individuals responsible for managing and using mailing lists (volunteer and staff)

Version 1 - January 2022


What is Consent Validation?

Under data privacy regulations, only individuals who have provided specific consent can be sent marketing campaign outreach. To support this, IEEE has developed a centralized Consent Management System which tracks who has provided various types of consent. To learn more about this consent process, please see the IEEE Technical Activities Bulletin #3: Consent Permission Marketing.

When using centralized IEEE marketing services, BDRS and Marketo, this validation process is automatic as these tools verify marketing lists directly. When using external marketing tools, like ConstantContact, MailChimp or Higher Logic, lists must be verified against the Consent Management System to confirm that everyone had provided consent and has not indicated “Do Not Contact.” This can be accomplished by submitting lists to the IEEE List Validation Tool.

What does this tool do?

The List Validator tool is used to verify consent and permission to communicate with customers. It accepts a marketing email list and compares it to the Consent Management System to determine if the individuals on the list have accepted the IEEE Privacy Policy, accepted any specific marketing subscriptions, or have indicated “Do Not Contact” for the purposes of marketing. Access the List Validator.

In three easy steps, the IEEE List Validator helps you to honor recipient communication preferences.

If you have any questions or concerns about compliance, encounter any issues while using the List Validator, or need assistance, please reach out to the contacts below:

The IEEE List Validator Tool 2.0 User Guide provides a step-by-step process for preparing and submitting a list for validation. The key steps are:

Step 1: Prepare a CSV file.

Step 2: Upload your CSV file to the List Validator.

Step 3: Retrieve your Validated List from Google Drive.

The process begins with the preparation of a mailing list in a specific CSV format. A Comma Separated Value (CSV) file is a type of delimited, line-oriented text file. Each line represents one record, and each record contains one or more fields separated by commas. The fields are enclosed in double quotes.

There is no official standard for how a CSV file should be formatted, and applications have different expectations about producing and consuming them. The User Guide documentation describes how to create a compatible CSV file for the List Validator.

Once you have uploaded the file, it will be matched against the IEEE Consent Management System and remove any entries that have declined contact or do not match the consent parameters. The User Guide provides a summary of the parameters that are checked by the tool.

The validated list output file will be deposited in the submitter’s Google Drive where it can be accessed for use.

How can I learn more?

The latest information on GDPR and other data privacy regulations can be found on the Technical Activities Data Privacy Resource Page or the IEEE Data Privacy page.

Please forward this email to your IEEE colleagues who handle personal data, newsletter/email distributions, websites, or other activities that fall under GDPR.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact TA Answer Central.


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